New Small Server Available - Tuesday, February 12, 2013
We install and support the new Western Digital DX4000 server.  A complete server, with Windows 2008 server software pre-installed. 

Latest Group of Updates


Advanced Virus Detection

Every day we receive emails from friends and colleagues that have files or web addresses.  And with this we play Russian Roulette.  Do I open the attachment? Does it have a virus? Will my virus detection program catch it?  If I go to the website my friend sent to me will some sort of malware be downloaded?   

I have come across a website that helps add a layer of security. It is called "".  What makes it unique is that before you open that file attachment or go to that website, upload the file or website name to virus total and it will check it against as many as 50 different well known Anti-Virus programs for free!  So why just depend on just one AV program?

Windows XP Running very Slowly

Over the past several weeks I have heard of many XP based computers running very, very slowly.  I had a chance this week to tear apart a computer with this problem.  After 14 hours of working on it I found that the "Windows Update Program" was responsible.  It was literally running the CPU at 100% at all times.  After some digging, I found a listing in  "Patch Management Mailing List" acknowledging the problem has once again popped up.  As I know more I will update you.


Fixing your own Computer

Ever suspected that there was something wrong with your computer and were unsure what to do next? Here is a quick way to validate that all the major devices are working correctly.


Click the start button. And in the "search and programs" box simply type in "Fix Computer".   When the program comes up, just click Next.  If you are missing a device driver, or any other problem, you will be given an opportunity to fix the problem. If you are unsure what to do, just click Skip and call us for assistance.

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